Bio Bhutan

Top 7 reasons why go organic with Bio Bhutan?

‘Inspired by the power of plant, Bio Bhutan is one of the very first specialized company in Bhutan’

1.      Hand-crafted products

When the world relies entirely on technology, this company relies on their hands to manufacture their items, which makes them the most valuable and distinctive. Even though it’s hand made, there is no complain till now regarding their products, pricing, packaging and delivery system.

2.      Bio Bhutan is Eco- Friendly, no added chemicals.

Bio Bhutan is eco-friendly because the company sources its supplies from small-scale farmers in remote and challenging environments of Bhutan, their products are natural and organic. Products with no added chemicals makes them most valued and wanted.

3.      Well Liked products

Bio Bhutan is popular because they are nature-oriented products that provide value to the market by increasing natural products.

Bio Bhutan products are in high demand not only in Bhutan, but also abroad.

“This is by far THE BEST air freshening spray I have ever found. Thank you so much for making an excellent (and sustainable) product! J ”Kathleen Pratt Washington DC, USA.


4.      Trusted Company

It is a trusted company because they are a certified corporation with high-quality products, they are reliable brand both in and outside of Bhutan.

5.      They lead to the Gross National Happiness

Bio Bhutan contributes to Gross National Happiness through providing value to farmers. When farmers are pleased, the country is happy. In Bhutan, people’s happiness is everything, which is why Gross National Happiness is valued more than Gross National Product.

6.      Unique

Their distinct ingredients set them apart from the rest of the globe. Among the main elements are:

  • Rhododendron, essential oil.
  •  Cold pressed mustard oil.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Beeswax and lye.

7.      Reasonable Price

Their products are not only of high quality, but also reasonably priced, so that any class of household may invest in and enjoy them. Locals as well as aboard clients, they are very much satisfied with the pricing and products both.

                                                           Source/Bio Bhutan Page


So Why Bio Bhutan?

Bio Bhutan is devoted towards sustainable use of natural resources and support rural communities. Their products are mostly natural and biodegradable.

So why don’t you use Bio Bhutan products which are purely natural and fresh enough to start your day with active mind.

What are you waiting for? ‘Use Bio Bhutan products and live longer’. 

Go! Purchase it